Monday, October 18, 2010

Shoes we have in our closets

Hi I am Rangle I am new in friends said that this is the best place, if I desire to explore and flaunt my talent I hope I could also produce something here this is my first article and it really feels me nervious.

When I was on my teen age days I really love to have different kinds of shoes, I want
them to wear in different occasions. My mother love to buy me in different colors but
same style which I don’ t mind before as long she buy me one. But really I am addict
when we talk about shoes. I thought when I go to college I can use my collections of
shoes because it is no longer wearing uniform, but I was wrong my school were my
parent chose me to go my degree are also requiring uniform and the bad news it only one
kind of shoes we could wear and what do you think, of course a close black shoes. Well
I tell my self that after my college I will revenge I will use all the new style of shoes is
there in the market. But time has passed and maturity is already on my system, I been
learned that only few shoes we need to possess. And here is the list:

1 . Flats shoes or flip-flop- perfect for casual days or when you’ re at your most
comfortable. Choose embellished ones for added style.
2 . Boots – prefer the slouched down, below the knee, one inch heel kind. They look
stylish and are also great for the rainy season.
3 . Step in. - There’ re dressy but casual. You can pair them with dresses or jeans.
4 . Square toe pumps Worn by most working women every day because: There the
basic, conservative, dependable, and can pair them with dresses or jeans.
5 . Stilettos shoes like these make you feel confident and all dressed up I do think
black and nude pairs are a must; you can practically wear them with any outfit.

Now I am a grown up and maybe no longer addicted to shoes or anything in this world I
make my things simple and few. I will possess only things that are needed.